About us

Social Engagement is our Business Principle

We consider Moin! as a big family - all team members, our appreciated guests, the family of the hotel management and our fans are part of it.

It is our philosophy to attend our guests with warmth and hospitality, anticipating their wishes and trying every day to beat the expectances of our guests. The hotel management and all team members do their work at any time with reliability, honesty, fairness and with attention to detail.

Our daily activities are based on positive thinking, understanding and quality.

All team members respect each other and exchange their knowledge.

Moin! encourages team members to take self-reliant decisions and promotes their personal and professional education.

We work sustainable and under ecologically reasonable aspects, we invest in alternative forms of energy and pay attention to cleanness and protection of the environment. It is our concern to engage ourselves in the regular support of children and young persons.

Our Social Engagement concerns support provided to:

Cuxhaven Regional:

  • youth organizations
  • friends' associations
  • voluntary fire brigade
  • hunger-march
  • contribution to the school bus for children with learning difficulties
  • Christmas market / lighting effects
  • presents for the Cuxhaven Santa Claus
  • contribution to the swimming award "Neptunschale"
  • Christmas for anyone (Christmas party for socially deprived fellow citizen)
  • drawing material for the hospital
  • adventure-playground "Plietsch"
  • planting flowers and regular care of two municipal flower buckets
  • workbooks of the Verkehrswacht e.V. for road safety education of primary-school pupil


  • youth organizations


  • regular monthly support of the Plan International work in Nicaragua
  • emergency help for victims of the typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines/Vietnam
  • establishment of a proper foundation
  • humanitary work of the Moin! Foundation

We are paying attention to the respect of nature and operate our hotel as much as possible by preserving natural resources.

  • solar plant with 100% energy efficiency
  • ventilation system with highly efficient waste heat recovery
  • high-density building envelope
  • energy-saving light
  • reducing the consumption of water
  • waste reduction by informing staff members and incorporation of a waste separation system