Teacher training in Burkina Faso

Our current project is intended to improve primary education in Burkina Faso. This African country is one of the poorest in the world.

It is our ambition to both increase the school enrolment ratio of girls and increase the number of children concluding primary school education with success.

According to the traditional role perception in Burkina Faso, there is not much importance attached to female education. There are hardly any female examples for professional success due to education. Violence at schools is very common and is another reason for girls not to attend school.

In a two-year training, future primary school teacher (male and female) are now being prepared for the teaching profession, improving in the end of course the instruction quality for all children. At the same time, there are efforts for motivating the population in the communities and the families to accept the importance of better educational opportunities, also for girls and women.

In order to achieve a sustainable improvement of the general living conditions in Burkina Faso we focus on helping people to help themselves by providing teacher training.