terms and conditions
  1. Invoicing, Booking, Confirmation
    1. Renting of holiday flats is effected on own behalf and on own account.
    2. The reservation is binding once you have confirmed your booking.
    3. Subsidiary agreements – also oral -, which modify the scope of the contractual performance, require the written confirmation of the landlord.
    4. The landlord explicitly points out that the images appearing in the different media are only examples of flats and can diverge from the confirmed object.
  2. Number of Occupants
    1. The holiday flat / holiday house can be used only by the number of adults and children indicated in the booking confirmation.
    2. Taking along pets is allowed only in certain flats. If you wish to bring along your pet, it has to be discussed with us beforehand and requires a written confirmation.
    3. Dates of arrival and departure indicated in the booking confirmation are binding.
  3. Operating Costs
    1. Incidental expenses like heating, electricity, gas and water are completely included in the total sum for the rented object as mentioned in the booking confirmation.
    2. Telephone costs have to be paid separately (the current price / unit is indicated in the information you find in the flat / house).
  4. Careful Handling / Damages on the Rented Object
    1. Every guest commits himself to treat the flat / house, including the inventory and the common rooms with care.
    2. Damages incurred during the stay of the guest or his company have to be reported and adjusted by him immediately.
  5. Forms of Payment
    1. The down payment mentioned in the booking confirmation has to be transferred to the landlord within one week after receipt of the confirmation.
    2. In case the down payment is not effected within another week's term, the landlord is relieved from the commitment to let the agreed flat for the booked period as per booking confirmation.
    3. The unpaid balance of the total sum as per booking confirmation is due upon arrival.
  6. Cancellation Expenses / Indemnification
    1. Cancelling the booking confirmation is possible at any time prior to the date of travel. Decisive is the day of arrival (postmark) of the renter's declaration of withdrawal at the landlord.
    2. The cancellation has to be declared in writing.
    3. For any cancellation, the landlord is entitled to request the renter either to propose an adequate substitute or to claim a compensation for lost earnings.
    4. Cancellation / Indemnification Expenses.
      Cancellation up to 90 days before starting the trip. 10,00% of the accommodation price..
      Cancellation up to 60 days before starting the trip. 20,00% of the accommodation price.
      Cancellation up to 30 days before starting the trip. 50,00% of the accommodation price.
      Cancellation up to 10 days before starting the trip. 80,00% of the accommodation price.
      Cancellation up to 3 days before starting the trip. 100,00% of the total price.
    5. If the renter has exercised his right to cancel the booking he will be entitled to appoint a substitute renter.
    6. The landlord recommends to conclude a travel cancellation expenses insurance. We propose the company Hanse Merkur. The landlord is not responsible for any claim settlements..
  7. Booking Transfers
    1. For booking transfers we might charge a fee of up to 20.00 €.